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In January of 2019 I committed to reading one book a week for the year. It has changed my life in so many ways and it’s a habit that I will continue moving forward. Why? It’s hard to put into words, how my mindset, worldview, spiritual life, marriage and my personal life has change. All of the books I read are intended to help my life, my relationships or my business. I don’t read books that are strictly for entertainment. I’d love to hear what books you have read and what you have learned from them. 

Here’s the list and a link to Audible / Amazon to purchase it. Yes it an Amazon Affiliate link, all proceeds I receive I will be donated to Organizations that support and serve Veterans and First Responders. “We don’t know them all, yet we owe them all.”

Book 49 - thanks Farrah Brown La Pan for the recommendation. Lots of great “nuggets” for business in this one. It’s was a great reminder for me to continue to invest my time into creating the best client experiences that I can. Better not bigger.
Here’s a few of my other takeaways.
- Bigger isn’t better
- Some growth can be detrimental
- It’s about being small, and efficient intentionally.
- Productivity Audit. Taking time ever so often (quarterly) to track everything. It allows you to audit your schedule and create a not to do list. How much are you being distracted? 👈🏻 love this idea
- Attention is the highest currency a business can get. More than revenue. Attention can be lost when trust is broken.
Book 48- First of all I could use some suggestions for the next couple of books. What are y’all reading these days?
This book is geared towards business and marketing however I could see how it could even apply to other areas in your life where you are leading. Heck even parenting could benefit from some of these principles.
The basic premise revolves around the idea of building a story. We don’t remember or respond to facts or information as their is no emotional involvement, connection or engagement without a story. Heck there’s a reason even Jesus taught in parables in the Bible.
As you build your story around your brand or where you are trying to lead, here a couple of things to keep in mind.
- You aren’t the Hero of the story. Your customer is.
- The key is clarity. Who is the hero, what’s the message? If you confuse you will lose.
- Story makes music out of noise.
- The mind remembers story not noise.
Book 47 - thanks at Sean Hathaway for the great recommendation! I love
Simon Sinek’s perspective in general and I read his book Start with Why last year as well. Good stuff for sure!
Here’s the basic idea of the book and a few of my takeaways.
There are two kinds of “games” or perspectives in business and in life. finite and infinite
- Finite players - play to win and someone has to lose. Playing with an end in mind. Reactive. Built for stability.
- Infinite players - think much bigger. No end game, to benefit even those outside of the company and business. They look for ways to do something new. Companies are built for resilience.
- Apple vs Microsoft. Perfect example.
- The vision for flexibility - the ability to make adjustments and even extreme ones in order to advance the “just cause” or the driving, common goal of the organization or business. It’s part of the infinite mindset. It’s always offensive not defensive or reactive. Even if undermines the industry or cause. Existential shift
This really stuck out to me as a lasting thought.
“It takes no courage to have a finite mindset”. 💯‼️
Let that one sink in.
Book 46 - I’m behind on posting this one. Finished over a week ago 🤷🏻‍♂️
At any rate, this guy is “a beast”! He is the founder of Bulletproof Coffee and has devoted his life to understanding and investing in practices, habits, vitamins, supplements and products that all contribute improving health and quality of life. His ultimate goal is that he wants to live to be 180 years old! Let that sink in! He believes it’s more than posssible too! Time will tell!
So why did I read this?
To focus my mindset on health to be honest. It’s not about “looking better” it’s about feeling better and healthier (not living to 180 either 😂).
My plan?
To revisit his tools online and pick an item or two to focus on (not the 50-60 things he does).
A couple of areas I’m looking into:
- Sleep - it’s so important for every aspect of our lives. No it’s not the amount, it’s the quality of it.
- “Blue Light” - we are surrounded by it (computers, phones, tv’s, and many of the indoor lighting). There’s plenty of research to show that too much exposure to it, causes all kinds of issues. There are ways to reduce exposure to it, I’m considering some especially since we live in the 2nd cloudiest area in the country (higher than Seattle).
- red light, infrared therapy- with all the physical challenges I have with joint issues and muscular, this one makes perfect sense for me. Anyone have experience with this locally, I’m all ears. I know a place in Medina, however I’d live to find a place closer.
Book 45 - this one was recommended by Dave Best. It was an interesting read and concept for sure. The book begins with the author “debunking” why following your passion isn’t necessarily the right path for most people. It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love what you do or find purpose or a mission in it. It’s just the opposite in fact. We typically get more enjoyment out of things we are good or great at, which can lead to the mission or larger purpose. I love the statement he made, “Working right trumps finding the right work.”
So if it’s not about pursuing passion what is it about? It’s about identifying what you do well and continuing to grow your “career capital” in those areas. What’s career capital? It’s your experience, knowledge and growth in areas that increase your skills and expertise. It’s doing something so well that people want to pay you for it. The better you are at what you do the more others outside of your company or potential clients the greater value you will have.
Thanks for the recommendation Dave!
Book 44 - (well really 44-70 since there are 27 books in the New Testament 😊)
This is by far the most important book I read on a daily basis. It’s the “filter” for all other books I read.
I listen to a couple of chapters each am as a part of my morning routine. Do I say that to say “look at me” I’ve got it all together! Heck NO! We all struggle with things or at least I know I sure do.
Why read this each day? I do it because I have to. I need to. There’s so much in here that doesn’t always make sense, yet so many days there are things that I hear and I understand differently than before.
I also think that even the things I don’t understand, my unconscious mind and spirit do. In the tough times, it’s amazing how I’m reminded of things that I’ve read.
The days that I don’t (and there are some for sure) always seem to go differently. It’s a good reminder to me to be consistent on this.
Book 43 - as you can see I’m a little behind on my goal (52 books in 52 weeks) however in 2018 I read 3 books, so we will still chalk it up as a huge win!
This book was just what I needed. Jacqui Bowman downloaded it and she thought maybe Shannon Sebring McKee had recommended it. I read the details and had to read it. I think for some of the points the author is making she is intending it to be towards women and mothers how so much of this book was timely and what I needed.
This time of year is tough for me mentally, spiritually and especially physically. In 1997 I was hit by a pickup truck while standing a parking lot and was smashed into a forklift. Snapped my femur and some other issues. Full recovery took 2 surgeries and a couple of years. Between that experience and many other surgeries and injuries the weather changes greatly affects me. I only mention this for perspective. I know we have all been through things and all have reasons or excuses we justify how we are felling. I thought by sharing it might help someone else. If you’re going through one of those tough times, read this book. It was a great encouragement to me and I’m sure the timing of me “finding” it in the list, was no accident, it was God.
What a great reminder of just the title “Present over Perfect”. How true..
Book 42 - this one took me a little longer to get through since my morning routine changed for a couple of weeks.
A huge shout out to Shon Christy 🙌🏻 for the recommendation on this one! Great book! I’ve asked Jacqui Bowman to read it as well since I know this one is right up “her alley.”😊
The basic idea of the book is to create a “life plan” with different “accounts” (typically 9-12) and detailing and planning out your ideas, dreams and goals in each account or area. The accounts are different for everyone and carry different priorities even.
This plan is not a replacement for God or scripture to lean on (although some may choose to use it that way). For me I felt as if it is more of a “filter” to compare and contrast and see how it lines up his Word and direction instead. Creating this plan requires you to be thoughtful and intentional about where you are today, where you would like to be and making adjustments, weekly, quarterly and yearly in each of these areas or accounts.
It was an interesting reading for sure and one is highly recommend. Definitely one to dive deeper into and read more than once.
Book 41 - longest book yet! I plan to get back to more motivational, inspirational and growth oriented books next however I felt I wanted to read this one first. It’s mentioned a lot by Robert Kiyosaki in Fake quite a bit. It’s a historic recount (from the authors perspective of course) about how the financial crisis in 2007-2008 shifted the worlds economies and not for the better. Even if only half of this is accurate, it will scare the crap out of you, or it should. Think we fixed the “house of cards” after the economic meltdown much of the world saw during these time, think again. What’s the saying, history has a habit of repeating itself!
Why read these kind of books? Well they are intended to be an historic account. I really have become interested in them to begin to think differently about money and wealth. Why? Not to “get more” it’s to be able to “give more”. On my “vision board” is a giving goal, not an income goal. If we hit the giving goal, the income will take care of itself.

Book 40- Whew! This one wasn’t long however it was awfully deep! Robert Kiyosaki refers to it through out his book “Fake” so I wanted to read it. It’s an editorial version of history (through the authors eyes and opinions). It’s a lot to pack into a few hours of reading for sure. The overall premise is where Robert Kiyosaki gets much of his perspective on the world banking system and how those “at the top” have changed it to their benefit. Grunch stands for “Gross Universal Cash Heist”. A lot to digest, and also understand that this is one perspective. Much of it may be true, much of it may be opinion. I thought I was kinda smart until I read this, LOL!! At the very least this book continues to challenge my view of the business and banking world and open me up to thinking and seeing things in a new perspective.

Book 39 - this one blew my mind. Seriously. My wife Jacqui recommended it and I listened to the first few mins a couple of months ago and wasn’t in the right mindset to be open to it. Well I circled back around and listened to it this week.
Robert Kiyosaki is a smart guy and I read his first book Rich Dad, Poor Dad a while back. This one really resonated with me and got me thinking differently about money, finances and wealth building. This is definitely a book to read if you’re looking to think bigger about finances. The biggest thing he recommends is to educate yourself and continue to be investing time with others that have already done what your looking to accomplish. Seems pretty wise wisdom in and of itself. I plan to dive deeper into this book and look into other resources. This isn’t a “get rich quick” book or some program he’s trying to sell. It’s a different way of thinking vs just dumping money into 401ks that can tank when the market corrects again and give you no management over the funds.
This book and “Killing the Sacred Cow” (see earlier book post) have really opened up my mind to bigger things financially. Why is that important to me? Not to buy more stuff, it’s to be in a better position to be able to give and help others. If you’re looking to “be more” and “do more” consider this one.

Book 38 - What a simple (not easy) concept and idea to implement. I sure wish I had read this book when I was managing people. I would have been a better leader for them. Can’t change that though, so I can’t dwell on it.
If you manage people, work with others, own your own business or are a human being that cares about others, this is a great read.
Here’s some of my takeaways:
Create defining moments by
- Elevation - moments that stand out above others
- Pride
- Insight - into the person
- Connection
EPIC - elevation, pride, insight, connection
Moments are like mental relics. What would you grab first if your home was on fire.
Moments shape time. Like holidays anniversaries etc. they are all moments created by culture and for a good reason. 
Moments can be pits or peaks
Pits must be filled - how?
Examples- Disney sets expectations for wait in line for rides, adds distractions along the way
- Mercedes sends a condolence card when a leasee dies not a pay up letter like every other r company
Peaks don’t just happen, they are created.
How can you create a peak moment, something they will remember for years to come today? 

Book 37- this was a great read that came to me through several recommendations. Luck Is a myth. Success is created as a result of hard work, preparation (spiritual, physical and mental) and mindset. This preparation puts you in a mental place to be aware of opportunities as they came and give you the wisdom and courage to act. One my favorite sayings (not in the book) is Make Your Own Luck and that’s what that means to me.
There was a lot of great points in this one. Here are just a few takeaways I had.
- The right people + the right places = opportunities
- You can’t succeed unless AND until you fail.
- There is no perfect path, there is only yours.
- Talent imitates, genius steals. TS Elliot. You master their work, and the genius kicks in.
- Watch other professionals (people succeeding at a high level in your industry or at your goals) carefully, study what makes them the best and then make it your own. Key is making it your own, not to copycat what others do.
- Professionals study other professionals. That’s the proximity principle, learning from other professionals that have already achieved your Mt Everest
Preparation is what makes it look effortless. 

Book 36 - WOW!
This one was recommended by a few people including Hank Avink. I must admit this created quite the shift in mindset for me especially around the money collecting dust in my 401k among some other things. If you haven’t read it yet. Read it. Thanks for the recommendation. ♥️🙏🏻
Here’s just a few takeaways. I actually had several pages of notes. Will be reading this one again soon.

- Ben Franklin said wealth isn’t the man that has it, but lives it.
- Scarcity is the greatest destroyer of wealth.
- Joel Barkum - those that say things can’t be done are usually interrupted by those doing it.
- Wealth is not luck, doesn’t matter who you are or what you are born into.
- Try not to become of a man of success, become a man of value, Albert Einstein.

Book 35 - this was a great book geared to anyone that has a message they want to grow. That could be a business, a charity, a kids fundraiser, or for a cause you support. Marketing can have a negative connotation however what it really is about is being effective at expanding your message to affect and attract like minded people, hopefully for positive reasons. Have you read it? Care to share? 🤔
Here’s just a couple of my “takeaways” from the book:
Is your idea or message sneeze worthy? Sneezer - someone that will spread your message. kind of gross, however think about it? Like yawning (which might be a less gross and better analogy) it spreads organically when you see it happen.
Having an idea catch on like a virus or go viral isn’t by accident it’s, not a gimmick either, it takes design, intent and work.
- this isn’t breaking news however it’s a great reminder.
My biggest takeaway gave me some clarity around my message of helping Veterans and First Responders and how I can shape it so that ultimately I can help more of them and also be able to give more in support back to other local organizations that provide services and help for them.

Book 34 - This one was the summary, not the full edition. It’s a great read if you are new to social media or would like to better engage and not sure how to, with various platforms. This book is a couple of years old now so some of the info is a little dated, as these platforms continue to change and evolve, which is a point Gary makes repeatedly, namely to stay current. For me, I can’t (won’t) be on everything or constantly shifting from one to another. I do plan to dive a little deeper into a couple of the full chapters especially for Facebook and LinkedIn, which is where I spend my time. I think this is the Social Media 101 book and anyone looking for engagement or to build their audience to further their message (certainly doesn’t have to be for money) should read it. Gary V is know to drop the “f” bomb quite frequently in his videos and in his books, so be aware.
One thing that really stuck out to me was that he said (in 2017 when this was written) that 20% of internet traffic was on Facebook. Let that sink in a little

Book 33 - This was a great one with a lot of takeaways. Thanks to the few people that recommended it! Who else has read it?
Here’s just a few of my highlights / quotes
- “Write what you need to read”- might be my favorite! What a great reminder.
“What stands in the way, becomes the way” Marcus Arelious
“Courage and fear are not mutually exclusive. Embrace the suck”
“Listen with the same passion that we want to be heard.”
“Square squad” On a 1” x 1” pc of paper. Write everyone that matters (what they think of me) on it and keep it close. Kind of like identifying your inner circle or “Board of Directors” as Hank Avink mentioned / coined on Wednesday.
“Courage cannot exist without vulnerability.” ***Vulnerability does NOT equal weakness*** Example revolves around a conversation with a group of soldiers where they were reflecting on example / circumstances they could remember where a fellow soldier had been courageous. Every time they also had put themselves in a vulnerable position as they were trying to save others.
“Trust is earned in the small moments not the big ones. “
Vulnerability does not equal over sharing or sharing for sharing sake.
We are not “thinking machines” we are “feeling machines.”
There’s a lot more things I could share, instead, Read it!!!

Book 32 - who else has read this one? What did I miss? I found this one to be way too long for the content. Can anyone that’s read this one share maybe something I missed? 🤔
Here’s what I got out of it:
I think the idea is solid, that whether as a business or a social movement its more than just “the message” it’s who the message connects with. The message also has to be “sticky” in order to get the “tipping point” where momentum takes over. Lots of examples in the book and certainly eXp Realty and our growth curve fits into that as well.
Even though this one wasn’t “10” for me I am still enjoying the process of reading these in addition to the rest of my morning routine. My morning routine still consists of watching 2 videos and 3 chapters from the Bible, reviewing what I’m grateful for and praying for friends and family members as well as with those that I commit to praying for because of health or losses they have experienced. It helps me
start my day off on a positive note.

Book 31 - this book was recommended by a few people and the concept has come up a lot in group coaching calls with Kevin Hoover quite a few times. It’s a business and marketing strategy book by nature however it really has some great ideas that can just be used in “life”.
The over all concept describes that there are two types of “oceans”. Red oceans where all of the fish and sharks are all competing for space and food and there is a feeding frenzy going on creating the “red” ocean. Blue oceans are wide open spaces and areas. Not much competition or threats. Obviously the more blue ocean you can create and “swim” in the more successful you can be.
So how does this relate to life? In my opinion, instead of buying into what the crowd is doing, or into groupthink in general, it’s about thinking for yourself and living by your core values and beliefs, not what is popular. Confirming to the crowd is easy and usually the wrong things often times in my opinion. So where could you be swimming in a different ocean?

Book 30 - This one was a good one! Has anyone else read it?
There were some interesting take away I had on this one.
- have “Powerless” communications. Nope not a typo. I’ve heard of “Fierce Conversations” and at times for sure you still need them. This is an interesting concept for sure. “Powerless” conversations are about asking questions and having conversations in a way that you are engaging the other person vs telling them what to do, how they should be feeling. It’s a way to encourage “buy in” of your idea by coming from contribution, not dominance.
- so do nice “guys” (givers) finish last as the saying goes? They can if they let themselves become doormats however they can also greatly succeed as well. The key isn’t necessarily in who you give to, it’s how you give. It’s not only giving to those that can return the favor, in fact it’s rarely about doing that, it’s about the standards you create for yourself around being intentional about giving. After all even in the Bible it mentions that it’s great to give than receive this isn’t necessarily a revelation however it is interesting that even in business, “takers” or even “match makers” are not the most successful.
If you’ve read this book, what was your biggest takeaway?

Book 29 - This one has a lot of great content and will be one I will add to the list to read more than once. Great book if you haven’t read it yet.
Here’s some key quotes and takeaways I had:
“You don’t drown from falling in the water you drown from staying there. “
“Questioning does not mean doubting.” It means you are trying to better understand something. Of course in this process how you ask is important. He talks of asking “why” or “why is that important” on each subject to get to the true meaning you are or not doing something. Why are you doing it for yourself. Not for others and and takes some time to peel back the layers to get there. We can also do this with ourselves for sure!
“Failure is just more discovery.” It is also NOT a negative. Quitting is. As Einstein or was it Edison (Doesn’t matter) said that he found yet another way that didn’t work. Failure = learning or it can with the right mindset.
“It’s not about your IQ it’s about your “I can”- kinda cheesy however it makes perfect sense doesn’t it?
“Live with passion, move with persistence” - how true is this. It takes both to do anything worth doing!
So what are you reading or can recommend? I’m also looking to add to my list. Right now I’m reading “Give and Take” by Adam Grant

Book 28 - I’m a little behind on posting these however I’m still putting in the work. I must say thanks to all of you that respected my opinion enough to reach out privately and ask for some reading recommendations. That’s been pretty humbling, especially knowing my personal journey and at least how “new” this still seems to be.
About this one - it’s been recommended by a couple of people and has some really simple (don’t think easy, simple is different) principles. They of course (by the title) revolve around money and wealth management. They also remind me of things I’ve learned in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, 36 to Life, my parents and Christian principles I’ve learned in church. I would tweak it just a little if you have significant debt to pay off. Live on 60% of what you earn. Save 10%, give 10% (most important pc in my opinion), use 20% to pay down debt.
Simple math right?

Book 27 - This one was a suggested reading and it has some very good concepts and principles in it. Love, atonement, forgiveness just to name a few. Parts I felt weren’t 100% in line with my faith, however that’s what I also like about this journey I’ve begun. What I mean is being able to critically read something and analyze and be able to have some things I can takeaway from it.

Book 26 - Why on earth would I read this one? Yep, it’s about multi level marketing however it’s about a whole lot more than that.
So why are some people successful and some aren’t in companies that have at least some financial gain from attracting others? Is about signing up as many people as possible just for the sake of financial gain? No, not in my opinion. It’s first and foremost having a company that is changing lives. That’s what eXp has done for me. It’s radically changed my life. I often say that I didn’t chose eXp, it chose me. It’s the reason I left the corporate world to pursue a life of purpose.
I read this with the intent of being able to better share my story with others. If my story helps just one other, it’s worth it.

Book 25 - Whew this is a long one at 11 hours plus however holy crap, there’s a lot packed into this book. It’s by Dave Asprey, he’s the BulletProof Coffee guy. He talks about so many parts of our lives including mental, physical, relational, even sexual health 🙈. Thanks to Heather Stewart I will be reading this one on a regular basis.
As a result I’ve changed some sleeping habits, looking at some nutrition and some other things. Can’t do everything, just picking 1-2 items to work on at a time.
Here’s a few nuggets I picked up. I’ve got pages of notes, this is just a few highlights:
1. When you want to learn something you do. When you are forced you only learn 10% of the material. #MindsetIsEverything
2. Our nutrition can affect and change us at our core including down to our DNA (genes). So what you ingest not only affects you, it affects your kids and even grandkids. Think about that one for a min...
3. Words are powerful and they set expectations, so choose them wisely, each and every day.

Book 24 - Here’s the most important book(s) I read each day. I read (listen) to a few chapters each morning as a part of my morning routine. I’m not posting this to say look at me, or I’m so spiritual or anything else like. I know I’m a #messy work in progress and the days I spend some time reading this, just usually go better, not always, however most do. This is my 3rd time through this in the last year and a half, so this is one that I’m always listening to.

Book 23 - This books is by one of Jacqui Bowman’s favorite. Lots of great stuff in it!
Some of my key takeaways.
• Money is never a “why” it’s a result.
• People but why you do it, not what you do.
• There’s a reason the saying goes winning hearts and minds not minds and hearts. It’s harder to win the heart.

Book 22 - a little different type of book for me. The book is about a lot more than you might think. It’s a great about book about communicating with your wife as well as principles you can apply to communicating with others as well. This one was geared specifically to men, however there’s a version for women as well as singles too. Men if you’re married or in a serious relationship this was a great read. I learned quite a bit about myself however more importantly about my wife.

Book 21 - this was a book that provoked me to think a lot about “my story.” We all have one and through telling it, we can help others. I didn’t take a lot of notes on this one, primarily because it’s a lot of “how to” and I plan to re read this after I can give it more thought.
I did like this quote and concept taught throughout the book:
“We are students first, teachers second and servants always.”

Book 20 - Seems pretty fitting to post this on a #RedFriday. This was a great read and story of some real American Hero’s. I’ve said often that I regret not serving in the Military, however with the level of grit, determination and strength these soldiers displayed, I wonder if I would have had the “muster.” This read was truly about learning the stories of those brave men, and a reminder that our Freedom isn’t free. Thanks DeWayne Knight for the recommendation. I’m thankful to learn more about this story.

Book 19 - Shout out to Dan McGovern who recommended this book. I’m a huge football fan, however despite the fact that Urban Meyer is a football coach this is a great read (or listen) about strong leadership.
Here’s a few of my takeaways:
R factor- we can’t control things that happen in life. Your response you can. Urban calls it the “R Factor.”
E+R=O - Event + Response = Outcome
Here’s the “R Factor” steps he walks through:
R1 - press pause, think before responding takes practice
R2- get your mind right
R3- step up
R4 - adjust and adapt
Here are some ideas or thoughts that also stuck out to me:
Teams or business have a culture by design or default.
Leadership isn’t a difference maker it is THE difference maker.
Culture is what leads no one is watching
You don’t get the culture you want, you get the culture you build.
People don’t see your intentions they see your actions.
Leadership, it’s not about you, it’s about making other people better.
Live, listen and learn.
If it isn’t happening in you, it can’t happen through you.
Awesome book! Thanks again Dan for the recommendation!
What are you reading?

Book 18 - What a powerful and inspirational book. In our coaching call we talk a lot about taking messy or imperfect action and perfecting it as you go. This book is the epitome of that philosophy.
Grant Cardone also talks a lot about success being earned not acquired. I think that’s a very true statement. Sure you also need to opportunity, which can be created through work and persistence and sometimes a little luck too. Opportunity doesn’t always knock, sometimes you have to create it, which is why one of my favorite quotes is “Make Your Own Luck.” That doesn’t mean to me that this is a Godless universe and only we are in control of every situation. It does mean that we have to play our part and not just wait for everything to be revealed or given to us.
There was some eye opening information he also shared in the book. And that is successful people are dedicated to learning. The most successful CEO’s read on average 60 books a year and attend 6 conferences. The average employee reads less than one. Media focuses on the disparity of pay, however falls short on mentioning the difference in behaviors. It doesn’t take money to read and surround yourself with higher thinkers. That’s why the successful succeed. They have the money and success BECAUSE of the behaviors not the other way around.

Book 17 - Marketing Rebellion by Mark Shaefer was a purely educational (not personal development like many I read) book and had some great points in it.
Mark was the keynote speaker at the Social Media Marketing World conference we went to in San Diego. If you’re in any type of sales position or business owner selling a product or a service, this is a must read.
My biggest takeaway was that 2/3 of all your market is done by word of mouth. In this day and age of ad blockers, commercial free streaming music, commercial free TV apps and streaming services among other technologies, reaching consumers is harder than its ever been. To top it off people no longer blindly follow brands, and consumer loyalty is at an all time low and dropping. People trust people not companies so the company, brand or sales professional that is the most “human” wins. So #BeYou #BeReal and be #Flawsome !

Book 16 - This book was a great read on creating and maintaining a working culture that is sustainable by having the Courage to think and lead differently. People will follow your “lead” if they believe in what you and your company stand for and are working for. Also are you creating a culture of “got your back” or “watch you back”? Lots of great other nuggets in it as well. Who has read this one? Thanks Kevin Hoover for the recommendation to read Ryan Berman’s book. Awesome stuff!

Book 15 - some of you were probably thinking I quit in this, huh! No chance!
This book was the most insightful and informative books to date. I’m actually in the process of RE reading it. If you haven’t read it, you should. Doesn’t matter what you do or where you are in you life!
Lots of nuggets from this one, however he are two. I will be doing a video about it later and diving deeper into the content so stay tuned for that.
Lessons learned:
1. Knowledge is not power it is potential power. It’s what you do with knowledge that counts. Knowledge is like the stored energy in a light switch, the power is useless until it is activated, meaning you have to turn the switch on to see and use the power.
2. It takes more than willpower to make permanent changes, it takes “why power”!
Love that! So what’s your “why power?” I’d love to hear yours, post them in the comments. I will be posting mine too!

Book 14 - it’s funny if you would have asked me if I was a “reader” just a few months ago I would have said heck no. It’s amazing how the more you do something that it not only becomes a habit, it becomes something you enjoy! That’s part of what this book is about.

The other main point was not what I expected. I was thinking this book was about huge or explosive changes to habits (think atom 💣) and it’s not. It talks about atoms being the smallest pc’s of matter, and making small changes (1% changes) to behaviors how over time it will completely redirect your path. Think of an airplane that adjusts its course by just a couple degrees, depending on how long it flies the course could be hundred or thousands of miles apart.
So if you read my post to hear, I’d like to ask you a question? I’m thinking of starting a Facebook Book Club where we share info and what we’ve learned from the books we are reading. Who would be interested in being a part? You can respond in the comments or private message me.

Book 13-What an unbelievable story! This was recommended to me by someone in the Redemption 101 class Jacqui and I attended. She later told me that she knew several people in the book. Some of them made it, some didn’t.

Book 12 - warning awesome book about #Messy real people, so lots of language. If you can get past that, there’s a whole lot to learn in this one. Mel Robbins records her coaching sessions with people that are dealing with some really heavy stuff. She walks them through the conversations and helps them self discover what’s really going on in their head. She gives them action steps to do (in some cases seeking professional help). I loved Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule book and she uses some of the concepts from it to help clients work through some things. If you’re a fan of hers, this one is definitely worth the read.

Book 11 - lots of great nuggets in this one it’s the one I mentioned earlier in my live video. I mean who doesn’t just love the title even! Also why be average when you can be awesome! Definitely worth the read.

Book 10 - It was getting too confusing trying to figure out what week I was on, LOL! Figured I'd just keep a running count instead.
What an awesome book! If you haven't read this. Go and get this! It's so simple, yet it isn't easy. Definitely a book I will be reading at least once a year if not more often.

Book 9 This one is highly business related and sets the stage and process for those that are self employed or would like to be. Lots and lots of content. Will be one that I will need to read multiple times to digest the content. So who has read it? Thoughts?

Book 8. It’s only an hour and a half however it’s so worth the listen. There’s a few great concepts in it. One is debunking the myth that “Winners never quit”, Bulls$%t winners quit things all the time. Being “well rounded” means you are average at a bunch of things. Why bother. Focus on what you do well and improve those. Love this! Your thoughts?

Book 7 (so now I'm caught up!) was "Be Chief" by Rick Miller. I knew that Rick came from a wealth of experience and has been called by many, a business turn around specialist, however I didn't realize the extent of his resume and I was so inspired by this book. Rick now sits on the Board of Directors at eXp Realty, however that wasn't the reason I decided to read this. I wish I would have been able to read it years ago while I was managing at my last two companies. With that being said there is so much in this book that I can apply to my current real estate business and to my life. Awesome book, thank you for sharing it Rick!

Book 6 - This book was recommended to me by someone I met on vacation. He asked to take a picture of my tattoo as he had some family members he wanted to send it to. It gave me a chance to tell my story yet again which is something I love doing. He asked me if I had read this book and highly recommended it. It’s a great read and one I’m sure I will read more than once. This is a book about the lives of the 6 men in the picture. Great book and pretty moving at times. I still can’t imagine what so many of our soldiers have endured.

Book 5 - This guy is crazy however how does the saying go, only the crazy ones will change the world? What I got out of the book was a lot of mindset ideas as well as some ideas on where I can get some time back. There are plenty of things in my life and business I can better automate and I intend too! Life is a journey not a destination (corny but so true)!

Book 4- Great book. The author was the personal trainer for Michael Jordan for over 15 years as well as Kobe and Dwayne Wade for years as well. So how do you help highly skilled, highly gifted, highly motivated people and make them better? That’s the theme of the book. So are you a “Cooler”, a “Closer” or a “Cleaner”? You’d have to read the book to understand what I mean.

Book 3. This one was over 13 hours on Audible . A little longer than the last 2 books. Great read (listen). Toughest man I have ever even heard of! Great concepts too! He’s a former Navy Seal and also served in other branches as well. He talks at times like a sailor, so if that bothers you, you might want to skip this.

Book 2. This book was awesome! I loved how they relate stories from the battlefield to specific business situations with their clients. Lots of content that I found relevant. I finished this one on the plane to Phoenix on Sunday and I’m already on my third book.

Book 1 - First book of many. Awesome read for sure!

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